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Post by Tetris on Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:29 pm

Why do you prune data on the site?
We do this to keep our database as efficient as possible. The smaller our database the better the site runs. It's a necessary evil.

Are posts pruned after a certain time?
No they are not. The only posts that are on occasion pruned are the ones in the Junk section which are removed from member view. However this is not very often and we often have hundreds of thousands of posts in our Junk.

My post count just dramatically fell. What happened?
Most likely we just deleted a lot of threads in Junk and did a post recount. If you noticed your post count drop it's likely you're a post whore. Try to get a life and care less about your stats.

Do you prune members?
We do. We delete members that have not activated their accounts fairly often. We also delete 0 post members older than 2 months. So most of our member base is actually posting members.

Can you delete an account so I can get the username?
Hell no. Don't even ask. If it's a zero post member you can wait till the account is pruned but don't ask us to delete an individual account for you. Even if it has one post from 2 years ago and they've never returned we will not delete the account just so you can have a username.
You can ask the member for his account user name but other than that NO.

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