Stolen Accounts

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Stolen Accounts

Post by Tetris on Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:29 pm

Compromised and Stolen Accounts

In the instance your AIOForums account is compromised, your options are limited.

Expect these things to happen:

* Temporary Ban
* Permanent Ban
* Limitation of Account
* Password Reset
* Email Confirmation
* PM's From Staff

We encourage you to make a new account. We will match your new account IP to your old account. If a match exists, it will make it easier to help you recover your account. Be sure to use a secured email to signup and confirm your new account. We will use your new account email to replace your old account, and then we will send you a password recovery email. Your new account will be merged into the old account.

The next thing you should do is PM Tetris or use the contact form, and choose "Stolen Account" for a subject. Provide as much detail as you can. If the staff discovers your account was compromised, it will be banned to prevent damage to the account and scams.
Be prepared to provide evidence

* Location
* IP address
* Email
* How this happened

The more info you have on yourself, the better your chances of getting your account returned to you.

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